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Invitation to the MCH Handbook webinar

Since May this year we have held two webinars in order to stay connected and keep each other updated on the latest developments concerning the MCH Handbook in the pandemic era. The 3rd webinar is scheduled for the 23rd of September 2021 (12.30pm-2.30pm CET). You are warmly invited to take part in this webinar. You can easily register for this event by clicking the link below or on the website https://conference.mchhandbook.com/

In this webinar representatives from three countries from across the globe will be sharing their experiences on the Digital MCH Handbook. Moreover, professor Tomohiko Sugishita, Professor and Chair of the Department of International Affairs and Tropical Medicine of Japan, will be the session's keynote speaker.

The webinar program is as follows:

  • 12.30 Welcome by Prof. Arnoud Verhoeff and Anneke Kesler (Moderators)
  • 12.35 Opening Message by a special guest
  • 12.40 Presentation from three countries about the Digital MCH Handbook
  • 13.35 Open Forum
  • 13.45 Keynote Lecture by Prof. Tomohiko Sugishita from Japan
  • 14.10 Open Forum
  • 14.25 Summary and Learnings by Prof. Agustin Kusumayati from Indonesia
  • 14.30 Announcements and end of session

More information about the upcoming and past webinars you can find on our website:https://conference.mchhandbook.com/.

We are looking forward seeing you online on the 23rd of September.

Kind regards,

MCH local organizing committee
Anneke Kesler

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